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Category Archives: RS8

SmarterStats® Traffic Reports

The following is a condensed description of commonly used reporting terminology. For more details, please visit the SmarterStats Help Guide. 7-Day Snapshot SmarterStats default home page gives a snap-shot of the past 7 days activity: Views and Visits – The number of page views that have happened on a daily basis along with the number […]

Offer Locations Submission On-Line to the Public

We now have a new module for Reel-Scout that allows the public (homeowners, brokers, etc.) to submit location information and photos on-line from your film office website.  The module will be configure to your film office branding and from the link anyone can upload directly into your Reel-Scout™ system – no password or login required.  […]

Public Locations Search vs. Internal Locations Search

Did you know that the public locations search functionality and the internal locations search functionality are different?  As public, visitors can only select one category/subcategory combination to search at a time.  When the public visitor selects a main category, the relevant subcategories appear.  In addition,  [general] and “all” options appear with each category.  If [general] […]

Adding and Removing Multiple Locations to a Package

If you are familiar with the locations in Reel-Scout, you can quickly and easily add multiple locations to a package with a single click.  Available both on the BROWSE page and the SEARCH RESULTS page is the blue ‘+’ icon.  Clicking this icon will immediately add the location to the package.  Once clicked the red […]

Flash Uploader

Many of our clients have requested the ability to upload multiple images at a time with a single click, specifically the ability the upload all image files within an entire folder.  We’ve listened…

Web Statistics now available…

If you’ve upgraded to RS8 and have made your locations library publicly available by linking it to your website, you can now track various levels of activity.  Now available as a complimentary service with your Reel-Scout system is access to your daily web statistics.  Reel-Scout has deployed SmarterStats 4.0 for all fully hosted/maintenance clients.   SmarterStats […]

Numbers and Pages

This week by popular request, we implemented the ability for users to quickly access location records, not just alphabetically, but also by locations that start with a number or by going directly to the page number.  Now it’s easier and faster to get to just the right location!

Directly Edit a Location

If you have edit level access to locations, modifying the location data is easy.  Simply select the appropriate location.  You will notice the gray background highlighting the individual location as you hover over each record.  Once you’ve selected the location of interest, just click on the “edit” text and the hyperlink line will appear to […]