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A Holiday Poem

It has become a beloved tradition at Reel-Scout for Ed, our writer-in-residence, to pen a Holiday poem to our clients. This year is no exception. Here it is, a heartfelt thanks from all of us at Reel-Scout.

Roses are red.
Violets are pink.
This holiday poem
Is perhaps not what you think.

Yes, Christmas is coming.
And the geese are getting fat.
But there’s more to this season,
Than a jolly red hat.

Yes, the time is approaching
We’ve long been told,
Of presents and gifts
Big, bright, and bold.

And while that’s true,
At least to a degree,
That’s definitely not all,
That should grace your tree.

Yes, Christmas is coming.
That’s certainly true.
But don’t forget Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,
And Thanksgiving, too.

You say Thanksgiving’s past?
Don’t be a bore.
Have another think,
And then think some more.

Thanksgiving’s the holiday
That this card’s about,
And we intend to show it
With a big “shout-out.”

A shout-out to whom?
Just sit and relax.
We’ve got your backs.

Oh, before we get going,
One more thing to announce:
When you see initials,
NC is “IN CEE.”
Saying “North Carolina” won’t click.
This is a poem, you know,
And we want it to stick.

So let’s get going,
We say with a smile.
But grab a seat:
This might take awhile.

There’s Philly and Maryland,
Georgia, Indiana,
Washington and NC,
Texas and Montana.

There’s Lafayette and Dallas,
Austin and PA,
San Fran and Sonoma,
Cleveland and VA.

There’s St. Pete and the Keys,
Pittsburgh and Jacksonville,
San Diego, Monterey,
Orlando and Martinsville.

There’s Florida and Kansas,
South Dakota and SC,
Missouri and New Hampshire,
Los Angeles and CT.

There’s Alabama and Arizona,
And Mississippi times two.
That’s MS Film and MS Tourism,
So there’s plenty to do.

There’s TN and CA,
Alaska and WY,
Oklahoma and NM,
Oregon and MI.

Memphis and Shelby County
That’s actually just one.
But the three offices in Miami
Means three times the fun.

There’s Baton Rouge and Minnesota,
Hampton Roads and NV,
Utah and Idaho,
Illinois and ME.

There’s Emerald Coast and Baltimore,
And, if we do say,
That’s a pretty good list
And there’s more on the way.

And, finally, our home state
Which has an earlier mention
But, given our locale,
Deserves a bit more attention.

There’s Western and Wilmington
NC Film and Tourism, too.
Throw in Durham and Reel-Scout
And it’s close to a zoo.

But that’s beside the point,
And we hope you agree.
There’s something deeper at work
Which we trust you see.

Yes, Christmas is coming.
That’s certainly true.
But this card’s about thanks giving,
From us to you.

Our gratitude is yours.
And, as we reflect,
Not only our thanks,
But our deepest respect.

This shout-out’s to you.
It’s heartfelt beyond doubt.
The best to you and yours
From your friends at … Reel-Scout.


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