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Georgia Rules


Bill Thompson, division director of the Georgia Film, Video & Music Office took time to answer some of MovieMaker’s most pressing questions on state incentives, beginning production in the state and why moviemaking is just as important as fruit.

(excerpt from full articleMM: Okay, so you’ve sold a moviemaker on shooting in the state. What’s the first step he or she should take to begin working with your office on getting this idea up and on the big screen–with Georgia as its background?

BT: Filmmakers should contact the Georgia Film, Video & Music Office as soon as they begin development on a project. We love to read their scripts well in advance and provide insight as to how their storyline could be enhanced or perfected by shooting in Georgia. We use the Reel-Scout software system that allows our location specialists to search locations online with our clients and makes the process very interactive and efficient. Our team will assist filmmakers in identifying locations that they would like to see and then conduct initial location scouting trips anywhere in the state. Later, after the general location types have been determined, we work closely with the film’s location scouts and location manager to ensure that the perfect locations are identified and available. We also then provide information on Georgia’s extensive crew base of over 3,000 experienced professionals, as well as equipment suppliers, studio infrastructure, production office space, other resources and more. The state’s infrastructure is second to none in the South. Remember, Georgia has been at this business longer than any other Southern state. Our office also qualifies all projects in terms of eligibility for the incentives and administers all the tax credit and sales tax exemption applications and claims.


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