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Vermont Film Commission Selects Reel-Scout™

Vermont Film Office

The Vermont Film Commission has selected Reel-Scout™ as its film location management solution.  Reel-Scout™ will allow the Vermont Film Commission to market its locations much more proactively and effectively and will also allow the office to manage it business from anywhere at anytime, of particular importance to an office whose employees often have difficult commutes in the Vermont winters.

Aside from the web-based nature of the system (which we love),” said Danis Regal, Director of the Vermont Film Commission, “we had attempted an on-line location library of our own; but it wasn’t a successful as we had hoped.  When we saw Reel-Scout™, we knew immediately that it would do all we had hoped our own system would.  In fact, it does much, much more.”

The Vermont Film Commission, based in Montpelier, serves the whole of Vermont.


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